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My name is Pierre. I provide Private Consulting, training, webdesign and SEO strategies aimed to clients in Western Europe, North America and Morocco.

  • Subcontractor for few graphic studios in France, I also manage more than 60 websites for final users worldwide, mainly in France and Canada, with different tasks and missions : SEO, community management, web development, graphic integration, hosting, technical backup, customization...

    I am a Joomla CMS expert since 2006, and possess good skills on Wordpress and Prestashop. I am specialized in Hostels online communication and marketing with dedicated councils and tools.

    My Fields of knowledge :
  • Strategic design
  • Webstrategy
  • Project Management
  • Graphic integration
  • Training on Open-source solutions (CMS mainly, but also Open Office deployment)
  • Webcoaching / e-reputation
  • Community Management
  • SEO in western languages (french, english, spanish, mostly + italian and german)
  • Webmarketing
  • Language integration (licensed in chinese language and experienced into "exotic languages integration" through web projects, RTL texts, asian languages...).

    Currently working with Eastern Europe graphic studios too.


Web Strategy & Project Management

I help you develop your online business, branding, grow up your community of followers by offering you a wide range of solutions to improve your online marketing.

CMS, CRM, SEM are few of the systems I use and set up for my clients everyday.

We develop together your project, by bringing up your ideas and converting them into graphics and UX design before proceeding to the webdevelopment itself.


I help you enter the world wide web by the main entry, making your website notorious, using the social networks and dedicated tools to create visibility around your activity. I qualify the visitors traffic to help you convert those visits into clients or prospects, to feed your funnels and leads objectives.

Open Source?

I mainly work on Open Source solutions to help you , Joomla, Wordpress, Prestashop, but Spip, Dotclear or Drupal are also solutions I am using. The advantage for you :

  • a large community of developers worldwide to maintain the tools we install and customize for you stay up to date and evolutive.
  • the warranty to have a wide feedback on which to count on, while using a tool constantly updated with bug fixes, security patches dispatched worldwide
  • a wide bunch of extensions and plugins easily installed and customized to reach you own needs, whatever you are asking for (newsletter, e-commerce, feddback/ticketing, catalog, news and events..)
  • Cost-killing solutions

Training and Feedback

I also train my clients to admin their own websites, using the CMS dedicated back-office, but also to use tools like Google analytics or productivity suits like Open Office. I offer a 12 month support to help them solution their daily problems, by mail, phone or with dedicated tools like Teamviewer.

Joomla / Drupal / Wordpress 
/ EZ Publish /
Webmarketing tools
Google Analytics, Adwords
VTiger, Salesforce
Social Networks
Hootsuite to handle all our facebook 
and linked in accounts
Google + , pinterest, twitter, viadeo


  • Partners : PhotoCoach, PlancheContact, C'Toucom Communication, Coqueliko Advertisement agency, Zit.Ro
  • Final users : Club Efficience, Jean-Claude Sensemat, LIP Watches, Seiko / Tokyo Hair Colorist.
  • Hotels : Brittany 3* and 4* hotels.
  • Small and medium businesses

Contact me


Tel. France : +33 6 67 89 66 20